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Job TitleNumber of HiringWorkplaceJob Requirements
Assembly fitter1Tangshan-Kaiping DistrictAble to independently program electrical engineers
Electrical Engineer1Tangshan-Kaiping DistrictBachelor degree and above
Mechanical Engineers1Tangshan-Kaiping DistrictBachelor degree and above

Contact information:

1. Applicants please send your resume as an attachment to:, the format of the email and resume title is: "Applicant {Position}-Name-Working Years-Professional-Education".

2. After the resume is received, we will conduct a preliminary screening of the resume. For candidates who pass the preliminary selection, we will notify follow-up matters in the form of SMS or email within 2 working days after receiving the resume. Please pay attention to the person who responds by SMS as confirmation to enter the interview process. For candidates who have not passed the preliminary selection, we will not notify you separately, please understand.

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