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Idler stand-alone product
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SKJ-22*200 Roller Steel Pipe Two-End Necking Machine

This product is a special equipment for semi-automatic necking of both ends of the belt conveyor roller steel pipe. When working, the material is manually loaded and both ends are simultaneously retracted. This machine is reliable, practical and efficient. It is suitable for the necking of the two ends of a large number of roller steel pipes; in order to reduce the abrasion of the two ends of the steel pipe to the conveyor belt.

Machine tool center height---------------------------------------------------------------- 870mm

Roller diameter------------------------------------------------------ φ89—φ194mm

Roller length------------------------------------------------------- 360—2600mm

Hydraulic system pressure-------------------------------------------------------- 5-16Mpa

Maximum pressing force ------------------------------------------------------------- 30000Kgf

Coaxiality error of two press-fitting spindles----------------------------------------- ≤ 0.15mm

Hydraulic system motor power ---------------------------------------------- - 2×5.5KW

Machine volume--------------------------------------------- 5200×700 ×1000mm

Machine weight----------------------------------------------------------------- 3700Kg

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