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Bearing seat turning machine

Bearing seat turning machine

1. Turning accuracy: IT6

2. Turning range: ¢89, ¢108, ¢133, ¢159 stamping bearing seats for rollers.

3. Control system: multi-tool semi-automatic, manual loading and unloading, other automatic completion, production efficiency is higher than manual efficiency.

4. Capacity: 800—1000 pieces/8 hours

5. Maximum cutting diameter and length (mm): ¢200×100

6. Spindle speed range (r/min): 180-710 (250-1000)

7. Spindle taper: Morse No. 6

8. Working feed rate of tool post (m/min): 0.015-2 (stepless)

9. The rapid feed rate of the tool post (m/min): 3 5

10. The same rotation angle of the tool post: ±30°

11. Main motor power: 7.5KW

12. Machine size: 1800*1370*1400mm

Description: The equipment has a hydraulic pressing system, which makes it easy to clamp the workpiece.

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