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Single-prop CO2 Automatic Welding Machine

  The Single-prop CO2 Automatic Welding Machine is such a facility that can weld circumferential seams outside the oil cylinder automatically.

  The machine is equipped with the NBC-500 welding power supply units produced; and adopts cooling water circulators for cooling the welding gun to ensure the gun can work continuously; the Mitsubishi PLC-cored electric control system can control every action of the machine, of which the operating console is installed with a touch screen used to change the control parameters, furthermore, the machine can be operated safety and reliably with a lower fault rate, making it an ideal facility to improve the welding quality and efficiency.

Max. length of welded workpieces ------------------------3000 mm

Max. diameter of welded workpieces ---------------------ф280mm

Min. diameter of welded workpieces -----------------------ф60 mm

Welding speed -----------------------------------------------------0~650 mm/min

Amplitude of swing of welding gun ----------------------------0~50 mm

Total input power -----------------------------------------------------60Kw

Input voltage (three-phase)------------------------------------380 V

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